LB°24 Exhibitions

Norrbotten's Museum, Luleå

Exhibition view, Norrbotten's Museum. Photo: Thomas Hämén

At Norrbotten's Museum, we have worked with the research and collections of this fascinating museum and repository of local stories. The museum is active in making regional archeology and is currently unearthing a history that challenges the historiography of the Swedish nation-state.

One of the museums archeological projects is GLAS – Glacial Archeology in Sápmi, a multi-disciplinary research project that collect materials that emerge and become accessible as glacial ice melts. The biennial has organized an artist residency with Elena Mazzi to work with this research project, to explore alternative ways of producing knowledge with the land and is exhibiting drawing works by Silje Figenschou Thoresen whose work studies the act of looking and marking itself.