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Inauguration of Lena Stenberg's work in Kiruna

Lena Stenberg, "Flyttzon". Foto: LKP

Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten and Luleåbiennalen inaugurates Flyttzon, a new work by Lena Stenberg.

On Wednesday 17th of April at 11.00, Lena Stenberg's work Flyttzon is inaugurated next to Parkskolan in Kiruna. Welcome to a conversation with the artist about the process behind the site-specific work.

An important thread in my artistry is how the environment, nature and places of residence shape people's identity and living conditions. How the history of the place shapes people. My art has also expressed the human need for protection in life. Against climate, weather, environment and other external influences such as exploitation of land.

Lena Stenberg

Lena Stenberg works primarily with three-dimensional works, sculptural objects, installations and photography. She often works from old documents and photographic archives, always with a connection to her own personal history. Since 1991, she has participated in group and solo exhibitions, sculpture parks and land art projects at, among others, ArkDes, Samiskt senter för samtidskunt, Bodö art association and others. Lena Stenberg's work Flyttzon is part of the project I Händelsernas Centrum and is produced as part of the Luleåbiennalen 2024.

Date: April 17

Time: 11:00

Location: next to Parkskolan in Kiruna

Find more information about the artist here.

I Händelsernas Centrum

The work is part of the project I Händelsernas Centrum, which is carried out with support from the Swedish Agricultural Agency and Leader Tornedalen, and is financed by the European Union. I Händelserens Centrum creates art experiences that contribute with concrete examples of how culture and art affect our living environments, experiences of places and our mood in ongoing and imminent changes.