LB°24 Participants

Anders Sunna

North Gate Collection, Anders Sunna. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Anders Sunna (b. 1985, Sweden), is an artist based in Sweden.

I come from the background of a Sami family that raised reindeer. This background and life has inspired me on many levels. My art is politically oriented and in that way differs from traditional Sami art. The works are based on my own experiences, my family history and historical Sami events. Through my work I want to present a picture of a dark side of Swedish history with respect to the way the government has dealt with the indigenous population. My art has an aggressive aspect but also contains humour. Although I have fun when I work, the result often is a heavy and dark imagery that contains many layers of meaning.

Anders Sunna was raised in Kieksiäsvaara outside Pajala, Sweden. He previously has worked as a building painter and got his degree in Fine arts from the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. From a technical standpoint, Sunna’s images are a mixture of collage and painting. The Sami motifs often are derived from his heritage.


North Gate Collection, collage/målningar