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Mariva Zacharof

Damn, Mariva Zacharof. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Mariva Zacharof (b. 1978, Greece), is an artist based in Greece.

I try, with a sense of humor, sweetness and intensity to approach the world of children. It is a world dependent on the society and conditions in which they live, and very different from the one of an adult. Not all children are facing the same problems, nor do all children perceive happiness in the same way. But all children are entitled to enjoy the world and live in it.

I use a mix of techniques and I am always looking for the most suitable material to express my idea. In my last work, I mainly used collage and bright colors in order to express the often difficult situations experienced by children. With my decision to use black, white and red, I do not wish to simply stretch the drama and intensity of the forms, but also to address the danger of being indifferent to children and their problems. The work reflects all my travelling and inspiration from the Middle East.

Mariva Zacharof, a dynamic visual artist of Greek origin, studied Fine Arts in Great Britain. She develops a visual language by using expressionist drawing, installation and mixed media in order to depict human issues which concern all of us. She is a member of the Hellenic Art Chamber of Commerce, and her work is part of Greek museums and Foundations for the Contemporary Greek Artists.


Damn, måleri