LB°24 Participants

Claudia Chaseling

Blender / Murphy the Mutant, Claudia Chaseling. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Claudia Chaseling (b. 1973, Germany), is an artist based in Germany.

The expansive wall paintings interrupt the geometric order and balance of the exhibition space. From a state of disorder and grey area political context, new compositions and amorphous systems are created. The depiction of the spatial paintings consists of distorted landscapes, mutated creatures and plants whose deformation is caused by radioactive poisoning. The landscapes, once so familiar, are now alienated. Inserted in the wall painting are the two video-comics about Murphy the Mutant, which are set in the future in hindsight on what is happening right now. These comics source in the research of Dr. Günther, who discovered and proved in the 1990s the irreversible radioactive pollution of Depleted Uranium Weapons. Populations affected by this weapon call its use “the silent genocide”.

Claudia Chaseling was born in Munich and holds two master’s degrees in Visual Art from Germany and Australia. She has received major grants and scholarships in Germany and Australia and taken part in a number of international exhibitions and artist residencies in Europe and the USA. Employing ink, egg tempera and oil paint, she creates futuristic swirls of organic forms and upside-down landscapes. Her themes consist of mutations caused by radioactive poisoning – alienated places and landscapes – once familiar and now distorted.


Blender / Murphy the Mutant, wall- and floor painting, video, 3:43 min, 10:09 min