LB°24 Participants

Antti Haase

Portrait of Elli, 2008, Antti Hasse. Photo: LAB11.

Antti Haase (b. 1972, Finland) is an artist based in Torneå, Finland.

Antti Haase has written, directed and produced several award-winning documentaries both in Australia and Finland. Strong storytelling and compassionate relationship with his subjects is characteristic to Antti Haase's work. Portrait of Elli (a part of Elli - The Cross Art Documentary) was nominated for Sheffield Innovation Award in the Sheffield International Documentary Festival in 2009 for pushing the boundaries of the documentary form. - Elli Närhi's life changed dramatically in 2004 when she was diagnosed with the incurable illness Dystonia. Elli's motive for participating in the art project has been to show that even with a difficult illness one has a right to a public life. The working process has made it easier for her to accept the way she looks, sounds and moves. "Even though I am disabled, I can laugh, I can climb trees, I can be present in the public". Portrait of Elli is Elli's way of accepting and becoming accepted. It is her living portrait. Perhaps our relationship to Elli, and to others with difficult illnesses becomes a little bit healthier as a side effect.

Interactive video installation with directional sound.