LB°24 Participants

Andreas R Andersson & Karl Sjölund

Andreas R Andersson & Karl Sjölund, Beowulf: Dangerzone. Photo: Andreas R Andersson & Karl Sjölund

'Beowulf: Dangerzone'  is a collaboration between Andreas R Andersson (b. 1982, Arvidsjaur, Sweden) based in Arvidsjaur, and Karl Sjölund (b. 1986, Sunderbyn, Sweden), based in Stockholm.

Andreas R Andersson (b. in 1982, Arvidsjaur, Sweden) is based in Arvidsjaur in Norrbotten and work with large-scale and site-specific installations created from found materials. His work connects current contemporary issues to historical events and lived experience.

R Andersson has graduated at HDK-Valand, Konstfack and the Royal Academy of Arts and has been shown in solo and group exhibitions at, among others, W139 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Nordica Studios in Kunming, China and Periscope in Salzburg, Austria. He has been awarded several scholarships and completed residencies in China, South Africa and the USA, among others.

Karl Sjölund (b. 1986, Sunderbyn, Sweden) is an artist and theatre director. Although driven by an interest in formal experimentation, his work often focus on site specific sound and sculpture installations dealing with the industrial and military expansion in the Swedish north and the entailing questions of colonial history, ecology and politics of the Swedish north. He currently works at Institutet in Vitsaniemi on the Torneå River and the Swedish-Finnish border. He shares the artistic leadership with Maja Lindström and Markus Öhrn. Apart from the production of their own works, Institutet runs a residency program and curates an annual performing arts festival.

Sjölund studied philosophy at Södertörn University and theatre directing at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. Previous works include I rikets tjänst (2022) that was shown in Armasjärvi, Övertorneå, SE, Stumt tvång (2022) that was shown at SKH, Stockholm, SE and Hellerau, Dresden, GE, and The Sound of War (2018), shown as part of the Luleå Biennial 2018: Tidal Ground at Rödbergsfortet in Boden, SE.