LB°24 Exhibitions

Ájtte – Swedish Mountain- and Sami Museum

Selk'nam, 2017, Hanni Kamaly. Luleåbiennlen 2018.

At Ájtte Luleåbiennalen 2018 will exhibit works by Isak Hall, Susanna Jablonski, Hiwa K, Hanni Kamaly, Lap-See Lam, Nikos Markou and Neda Saeedi.

Ájtte exhibits objects and craftsmanship that tell stories about Sapmi's history and culture. The permanent exhibition is built as a reindeer pasture, where you enter the exhibition through a long aisle, which leads to the round centre of the exhibition, and then back out to the other rooms of the museum. Here you will find animals, nature and culture from the entire fell district. The artists of the biennial will be exhibited inside the museum's permanent exhibition in dialogue with its thematics and objects.


  • Parking spots are next to the museum's main entrance

  • The whole museum is accessible by wheelchair.

  • A sound loop is in the auditorium

  • Accessible toilets are available

  • Reindeer skin and fur are in the exhibitions


The easiest way to reach Ájtte is by car, but it is also accessible by bus and on foot. A bus to Jokkmokk departs from Boden, Gällivare, Arvidsjaur, Murjek and Luleå. From Jokkmokk Bus Station, Ájtte is a ten minute walk away.

  • When17 Nov – 17 Feb