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Berits Halmmuseum

Straw Craft from Berits Halmmuseum, at Havremagasinet. Photographer Thomas Hämén.

At Berits Halmmuseum, visitors can experience works by the craftswoman Berit Berin.

The Sörbyn Sundsnäs homestead museum is located in the old schoolhouse in Sörbyn. It houses a collection of objects that tell stories of the village and the surrounding area. These objects are remnants of past educational and agricultural practices, and provide an account of how the land was worked before heavy machinery farming.

Berits Halmmuseum, where visitors can experience works by the craftswoman Berit Berin, is located in one of the rooms of the homestead museum. The Luleå Biennial is showing a small selection of craft objects from this collection, which includes traditional decorative and sculptural objects. At Havremagasinet, a selection of hanging and smaller straw sculptures depicting weaving and flax spinning are on display.

Berit Berin was born and raised in Sörbyn, and lives in Boden today. She learned straw crafts at Halmens hus in Bengtsfors, and has since worked as a straw crafter in both Hälsingland and Norrbotten.