LB°22 Exhibitions


Havremagasinet Länskonsthall, Boden

Oraklet II, 2021, Olof Marsja. Exhibition view, Havremagasinet. Photo: Thomas Hämén

Here at Havremagasinet we have worked with the buildings circulatory design to form a choreography between artworks and the building itself.

As a building that once stored and preserved oats for military horses, we invite viewers to begin on the unheated top floor gallery where you can get an insight into the unique history of the building and view a special collection of pickled foods from Norrbottens Museum. As you make your way down through to the galleries, you can view works in the corridors and the elevator of the building as well as in the heated and temperature-controlled galleries on floors 3 and 2, ending in the site-specific installation of basement gallery space that reconnects visitors to the building’s history.