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Vera Arjoma

Seeker, Vera Arjoma. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Vera Arjoma (b. 1977, Finland), is an artist based in Finland.

Seeker is a video installation portrait that deals with mental borders. While creating it, I was thinking about how world views can change in human minds and lives. Thework reflects my own process of working with my inner limits. What happens when you come across a border of something unknown inside yourself? In Seeker a person has become a stranger to oneself. It represents a moment of disbelief when one doesn’t know what to believe in, what is real. Maybe the collapse of the inner world and crisis in the outer world are entwined together, and the fear of the unknown arises when one comes close to something so unexpected and new that it seems too strange. Seeker is a meditative work, an attempt to produce a modern spiritual art. One of the starting points was to explore the aesthetic concept of sublime.

Vera Arjoma was born in Tampere where she still lives and works. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in 2010 and today works with video, photography and sculpture installations. Vera Arjoma’s works have been displayed in several Finnish and international exhibitions. She also curated the Performance Satellite, 5th Triennial of Pirkanmaa, Tampere, Finland in 2012.

Seeker, Vera Arjoma. Luleåbiennalen 2013.


Seeker, video installation portrait, 16 mm film överförd till HD-video, 9:58 min.
Soundscape: Mikko M. Koski.