LB°11 Artists


Sarantis Gagas

The inexistent Time, 2011, Sarantis Gagas. Foto: LAB11

Sarantis Gagas (b. 1966, Greece) is an artist based in Greece.

In Sarantis Gagas work The Inexistent Time he brings to life an extract from Epicure's letters to Herodotus, which discusses time and people's relation to it. Using acrylic paint markers, the artist brings a new perspective to the ancient Greek text, as he writes and rewrites it till the surface is covered completely by Epicure's words. At the same time he writes down, in a rather 'mathematical' mood, the time he devoted to the actual imprint, the beginning and the end of his own time. The artist's time accompanies the main work, constituting another face of time, one that is more familiar and integral. Man struggles in agony to comprehend the essence of time. He can however feel solely its impact. Time has been named the fourth dimension, it has become the subject of myths and experiments, while it has been attributed some not necessarily satisfying counting units. Epicurus suggests another approach, more humanistic one can say. The handwrittentextexpressesthe need for the comprehension of time, as if the tension of the repetition is capable of eliciting some sort of knowledge, or at least immortalizing the moments.