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Umeå School of Architecture installing in Luleå

Umeå School of Architecture will be installing on Storgatan in Luleå, April 5–8. Don't miss the inauguration of the installation The waterfall that went silent, on April 9!

In April, Luleåbiennalen will be joined by the Umeå School of Architecture, who will come to Storgatan in Luleå to install the workThe waterfall that went silent. The inauguration will happen April 9 – save the date!

The waterfall that went silent is a spatial intervention in public space by the Umeå School of Architecture (UMA). This sound installation and place for reflection was first built during summer 2023 as part of Umeå School of Architecture summer course “Laponia”, and is adapted to be showcased at the Luleåbiennalen 2024, in Luleå’s public spaces.

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