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Inauguration of Verdde

The Sami institution Verdde is inaugurated with Luleåbiennalen as its first partner!

With the Luleåbiennalen as Verdde's first collaboration partner, work has been ongoing during the spring of 2024 to explore how the Sami area in which Luleåbiennalen is held must always be included and made visible in the implementation of the biennale.

With the help of Tilde-Ristin Kuoljok, a new work has been produced which will henceforth be part of the biennale's framework to remind of the Sami presence in Luleå, and Norrbotten.

The work is a wish and a reminder to Luleå from Badjelánnda. The two sister places are directly connected through Julevädno (Lule River). I think that it has been forgotten that Luleå is eastern winter pastures. The link that has existed between the two places has been replaced by an ore track which changes the perspectives and places Luleå in the south.

Tilde-Ristin Kuoljok

Verdde is inaugurated with a daytime program and an evening program on May 15 at the Konsthallen Kulturens Hus in Luleå. Come and celebrate with us and take part in exciting conversations about why Verdde is a new important part of Norrbotten's art scene.

Take part of the inauguration program here, and read more about Verdde here.

Verdde is having its first starting point in the Swedish parts of Sápmi, Norrbotten, and is planned to take place in the Norwegian and Finnish sides of Sápmi in the next coming future. The institution is initiated and created by the artistic director of Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten, Maria Ragnestam, and is directed with the help of Ellen B. Dalbakk / Rámavuol Elle Bigge.

Thank to Postkodsstiftelsen and Region Norrbotten that make the start of Verdde possible.