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24H Messaure

You are invited to the temporary and performative reactivation of a no-longer existing town, Messaure. Artist duo wiklundwiklund brings back the lights to the town’s site, creating a public moment of encounter and an homage to the many lives deeply tied to this place.

In the work 24h Messaure, wiklundwiklund uses different light sources to bring back to life seven personal stories, on the very site where Messaure once thrived. The use of light refers to the town's role in powering nearly half of Sweden's electricity needs, and the illuminated tales echo Messaure's historical significance as one of the largest hydropower plants in Europe. Born alongside the colossal dam, Messaure expanded into a flourishing community accommodating up to 3000 residents, with schools, churches, grocery stores, a cinema, and more. Over time, the community gradually depopulated, leading to a decline in services and the closure of many of its services. Today, all that remains of Messaure is a road sign bearing its name, as a reminder of its existence.

Join us in this drive-in event, with projections on the same place where movies were before played, as the town's history will be revived and the narratives and daily rhythms of Messaure are resurrected, in a unique event that blends history, art, and the spirit of Messaure.

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Date: 2 of February 2024

Time: 18:00–19:00 CET

Place: Messaure, ca 35 minutes by car from Jokkmokk

Coordinates: 66°40'45.1"N 20°21'54.2”E