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LB22 in Urgent Pedagogies #6: Earthed Imagination

Onkar Kular and Christina Zetterlund, Artistic Directors for the Luleå Biennial 2022, are guest editors for the latest issue of IASPIS digital publication Urgent Pedagogies #6: Earthed Imagination.

The latest issue of IASPIS digital platform and publication for knowledge exchange, Urgent Pedagogies Issue #6: Earthed Imagination, looks back at the Luleå Biennial 2022 – Craft & Art to consider the different ways the biennial engaged and facilitated learning and collective imagination through its physical and digital Learning Room platform and programme. Onkar Kular and Christina Zetterlund were Artistic Directors for the Luleå Biennial 2022.

Luleå Biennial 2022 – Craft & Art was hosted by Konstfrämjandet (The Peoples Movement for Art Promotion) and took place in Norrbotten between October 15th, 2022 – January 15th 2023. Recognizing the expansive geography of the Norrbotten region in northern Sweden, a biennial Learning Room was set up as a physical and virtual space to share knowledge from different perspectives and places. Alongside a Festival and Exhibitions, the Learning Room was one of three formats through which the biennial was mediated and engaged through. All acting as formats for listening and learning with Norrbotten and its people. The Learning Room invited guests to talks, film screenings, making circles and workshops of many varieties. As such, it provided the space to work with practices and organisations that did not find a natural home within the traditional exhibition format. This was especially important since the biennial developed from being a contemporary art event to also include craft within the 2022 edition.

Contributors include:

Onkar Kular and Christina Zetterlund (Eds.), Rosa Tolnov Clausen, Gunvor Guttorm, Berit Kristine Andersen Guvsám, Laila Susanna Kuhmunen, Karl-Oskar Gustafsson, Robert Pauker, Søstrene Suse, Silje Figenschou Thoresen, Linnea Nilsson & Ida Isak Westerberg and Doris Wiklund.