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Kerstin Hamilton

Post Construction, Kerstin Hamilton. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Kerstin Hamilton (b. 1978, Sweden), is an artist based in Sweden.

This piece revolves around a deep-water seaport under construction in the small town of Hambantota, Sri Lanka. The title refers to a set of ports along the Asian coastline, financed by China Exim Bank, built to secure control over crucial trade routes. The port in Hambantota, positioned in the geopolitically important Indian Ocean, seems emblematic of the shift in power relations that the world faces. The String of Pearls (2010–2013) is part of my ongoing investigation into the impact and visual traces of global capital flows.

Kerstin Hamilton is a Swedish visual artist. Her process is similar to that of an ethnographer, spending long periods of time at a particular site. By juxtaposing photographic and video representations with reflexive strategies, she seeks to break the supposed neutrality of the documentary photographer.

Indian Ocean #1, Kerstin Hamilton. Luleåbiennalen 2013.


The String of Pearls (2010–2013), photography, publication and video