LB°24 Participants

Johannes Blomqvist

Johannes Blomqvist (b. 1985, Sweden) is an artist based in Luleå.

Johannes Blomqvist works mainly with performance art, but also with theater, dance and installations. He has participated in many festivals, galleries and other events in countries such as Norway, Finland, England, Slovenia and Brasil. In Norrbotten, his touring performance Personal Shopping (2010) was a big success, and he has organized the performance art festival "LEIF" in Luleå. He also started PAiN (Performance Art in Norrbotten), which organizes performance events, artist residencies and workshops in Norrbotten. He has also worked as a companion to disabled people, which is where he got his inspiration for the work presented in the biennial in 2011: The best piece of art you've ever seen. The work is based on a series of interviews with visually impaired people and these people are in the interviews envisioning how the artwork of their dreams would look like. From these visions Johannes Blomqvist has created an imaginary artwork and "exhibited" it in an exhibition space. In his work the audience experienced the voice of a visual interpreter who guides you throughout the exhibition.

Sound piece 3 min.