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Arvid Hägg

The Sweet Spot/The Best Colour, Arvid Hägg. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Arvid Hägg (b. 1985, Sweden) is an artist based in Sweden.

The way it often works in a car park: the first vehicle parks closest to the entrance, and the spaces are filled up accordingly afterwards. What’s involved here is motorists seeking a parking space as high up in the hierarchy as possible. To some extent, this is a voluntary system, but even voluntary systems have a hierarchy and thereby also better and worse positions. Systems in general exist to maintain or create order, choosing not to be included or to be an opponent to the order always has consequences. By imitating those elements that exist in prevailing systems and by simultaneously creating a system that achieves something visual, I want to alter the prevailing system’s circumstances and point out its fragility.

Arvid Hägg was raised in Falkenberg, Sweden, and received his Fine Arts degree in 2012 at Malmö Art Academy. Hägg began his artistry with photography as his primary medium, but today he works with installations and sculpture, often with a spatial starting point and a great deal of interest in the world around him.

The Sweet Spot/The Best Colour, Arvid Hägg. Luleåbiennalen 2013.


The Sweet Spot/The Best Colour, installation with traffic sign