LB°24 Program

Seminar: It’s my language – even if I don’t know it

The policies for assimilation initiated in Sweden during the 1800s resulted in severe consequences for people for generations to come. 'Swedification' still affects the situation for Meänkieli, one of Sweden's official minority languages, and the living conditions for those who speak and relate to the language.

Recent years have shown new interest among the younger generation to reclaim lost language. But the process is hindered by a variety of challenges and obstacles, according to those who have themselves attempten to revitalize the languages of their own cultures. This is the starting point for the seminar It’s my language – even if I don’t speak it.

Sannings- och försoningskommissionen för tornedalingar, kväner och lantalaiset is an investigation run by the Swedish government, initiated by minority groups. The commission operates as an independent body meant to interpret and execute the missions brought forward by the government. Part of the mission is to investigate occurrences from the 1800s and 1900s – finding out what happened, why and who was responsible. The results will be utilized to further develop Swedish minority policy.

The seminar was llive-streamed via Luleåbiennalen's Youtube page. For more information about the contents and speakers, please view the program here.

  • WhatLearning Room
  • When31 Oct
  • Times09.30-15.30