LB°24 Program

Opening weekend – Boden

Join us for the Luleå Biennial 2024 inauguration weekend – Meet the Artistic Directors and artists on site, on Sunday, March 3, in Boden!

How to reach Boden from Luleå:

You can take train 7194 from Luleå Central Station to Boden Train Station 10.30

Luleå Central Station

10.15 – Presentation of the installation by Inas Halabi at Boden central Station (in English)
Meet up with Aude Christel Mgba and Bruno Alves de Almeida at Luleå Central Station, get introduced to Inas Halabis work in the train to Boden, and listen to the work through your phone with headphones, accessed by QR code. Please buy your train ticket from Luleå to Boden beforehand using this link.

Boden Central Station

11.00–11.30 – Viewing of the installation in Boden Central Station (in English)
For those who arrive by other means than train to Boden have a chance to hear the Artistic Directors introduce the work by Inas Halabi at the train station in Boden.

11.30–13.00 – Walk to Havremagasinet and lunch
At Havremagasinet you will be able to buy lunch and coffee.

Havremagasinet länskonsthall, Norrbottensvägen 18

13.00–13.30 Opening of the exhibition at Havremagasinet (in Swedish and English)
Mariangela Méndez Prencke, Director of Havremagasinet länskonsthall, welcomes you to Havremagsinet länskonsthall!

Maria Ragnestam, Director of Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten, introduce the history and present work with Luleåbiennalen.

Aude Christel Mgba and Bruno Alves de Almeida, Artistic Directors Luleåbiennalen 2024, introduce On the threshold of 1:1 and the ideas behind the exhibition on view at Havremagasinet.

13.30–14.45 - Guided tour of the Havremagasinet exhibition (in English)
Join a guided tour of the exhibition with Artistic Directors and participating artists Katarina and Susanna Wiklund, Jenny Nordmark, Mohamed Sleiman Labat och Pekka Niskanen.

14.45–15.00 – Break in the café
Have a coffee and a biscuit in the café at Havremagasinet.

15.00–16.00 - Screening and conversation with INTERPRT (online in English)
Nabil Ahmed and Olga Lucko, co-directors of INTERPRT, a non-governmental organization comprised of architects, researchers, spatial designers, and developers, will present their ongoing work and research on the film Treacherous Journey. This film and the research around it are crafted as legal evidence supporting Sámi herders from the Jillen-Njaarke reindeer herding district in their ongoing legal action against the Øyfjellet wind power plant in Norway.

16.00–16.30 – Presentation by Andreas R. Andersson & Karl Sjölund
Beowulf: Dangerzone is a collaborative work between Andreas R. Andersson and Karl Sjölund. Karl Sjölund talk about their multi-media installation and is presented to the public in two events happening during the biennial’s closing days on 25 and 26 May.

16.30–17.00 – Intercession with Em’kal Eyongakpa
We conclude the opening days of Luleåbiennial 2024 with an immersive performance by Cameroonian artist Em’kal Eyongakpa. The performance takes place in the basement of Havremagasinet, which the artist transforms into a refuge reminiscent of a cave. We invite you to experience the rhythms of sounds originating from Norrbotten, the Southeast of Nigeria, and the Gulf of Guinea—echoes ranging from Sámi drums to Nsibidi glyphs, an ancient communication system of indigenous groups from southeastern Nigeria and southwestern Cameroon.

How to get home filled with new impressions and experiences

For those who leave for the south from Boden, bus 23 departs from Boden Garnis 17.00, 18.00 and train from Boden Resecentrum departures at 17.54 or 22.13, for those who go north the train departs 17.06 from Boden Resecentrum. For departures by plane those leaves from Luleå Airport 18.50 or 20.00.

Opening hours during the Luleå Biennial Opening Weekend

Galleri Syster: Saturday 16.00–19.30 and Sunday 10.00–13.00
Konsthallen Kulturens hus: Saturday 12.00-16.00 and Sunday closed
Saturday 12.00–16.00 and Sunday 11.00–17.30

In cooperation with Havremagasinet

  • WhatOpening Weekend
  • WhereBoden
  • When03 Mar – 04 Mar
  • Times10.15 – 17.00