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Statens Konstråd

Public Art Agency Sweden is a partner of the Luleå Biennial 2020: Time on Earth.

In collaboration with Sweden’s Public Art Agency and the curator Edi Muka, the biennial presents Woven Songs, a series of existing and newly commissioned works that are integrated into the exhibitions or appear in public spaces in Norrbotten. This exhibition within the exhibition questions something as immediate as the earth and how we live our lives on it. This earth that accommodates at once a profane and magical symbolism, and figures a material ground for both sanctity, life and death, all directly beneath our feet.

About Public Art Agency Sweden

Public Art Agency Sweden’s mission is for art to be accessible and innovative where we live and work. We create and manage the cultural heritage of the future through producing public art and acquiring art for the state’s art collection. Through our activities, hundreds of thousands of people can encounter the various expressions of art every day.