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Patrik Qvist

Lakun at W 20th street, Patrik Qvist. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Patrik Qvist (b. 1968, Sweden), is an artist based in Sweden.

My practice deals with rooms and landscapes that exert a certain pull on me. Spatial conditions of particular interest to me are those that come across on two levels simultaneously, as a physical entity and as a personal narrative.

The paintings in the Lakun series started out as a documentation of holes in fences along urban perimeters. I started taking pictures of holes in fences when I lived in the south of Spain. The holes in my pictures may or may not have served as actual access points for migrants seeking to improve their situation; they did however offer a viable visualization of migratory plights. One side of the fence rarely felt like the obviously better or more desirable side – other than the allure of something potentially valuable enclosed within a fence perimeter. The paintings derived from my photos are intended as meditations on the hole itself, the actual place for transition and passage. On which side of the fence the grass is the greenest, must in the case of my paintings, rest with the spectator’s point of view.

Patrik Qvist lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. He studied at the City Collage of NY, School of Architecture and he also graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology, in Architecture. Qvist states himself as a visual artist though a lot of his works are threedimensional. The media chosen for a particular work depends on the nature of the subject matter. He is particularly fascinated with the rooms and landscapes and he is trying to transcribe his sense into various media.

Lakun at Parking Lot, Patrik Qvist. Luleåbiennalen 2013.


Lakun (Lacuna), måleri