LB°24 Participants

Nina Maria Kleivan

Crossing over, Nina Maria Kleivan. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Nina Maria Kleivan (b. 1960, Norway) is an artist based in Denmark.

In my work I’m especially interested in the collision between different elements and in how I can create new stories by combining existing ones. The identity is never one-sided but consists of elements that each point in their own direction. The nine photos are about searching, longing and boundaries. Elements from different contexts and spheres of meaning appear side by side. They show the split between being one thing and another, the split between nationalities, between norm and abnormality. The clothes become costumes full of secret signals of who the wearer is.

Nina Maria Kleivan lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is a modern artist who works with photography, video, painting, installations and mixed media. She has had a broad amount of exhibitions in Denmark and abroad and worked as a co-curater on several exhibitions. Nina Maria got her education at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the School of Media Arts and Art Communication and has furthermore a minor in art history from The University of Copenhagen.


Crossing over, photography