LB°24 Participants

Maria Letsiou

Maria Letsiou (b. 1972, Greece) is an artist based in Thessaloniki.

The personal participation in visual arts through culture, education and the evolving personal develop- mentaretopicsof major interest to the visual artist Maria Letsiou. Through her long teaching experience and research for the preparation of her PhD thesis, Maria Letsiou focuses on the contribution of art education to the development of self-awareness and social skills such as empathy and acceptance of others. She participates and organizescollaborative projects, which focuses oncooperationand team spirit.

In her Games of infinity series she attempts to re-approach biomorphism in visual art creation. Biomorphism is an art movement of modernism that focuses on the useof organic forms and pictures with shapeless and spherical formations. Biomorphic forms are abstract but, at the same time, they refer to animal and plant formations and the human body. Her works are formed through the juxtaposition and delimitation of colorful shapes, which are created spontaneously in the painting. The point of this spontaneous process is to highlight the fluidity and transparency of the material (watercolor).