LB°24 Participants

Luka Radojevic

Trinity, Luka Radojevic. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Luka Radojevic (b. 1986, Serbia), is an artist based in Russia and Italy.

The history of civilization presents a unique set of ways, within each genesis, of connecting art and architecture in a beautiful and useful manner. This synthesis is the subject of my creations and sculptures. The theme of my sculpture is dedicated to the three elements: first of all there is art, secondly there is life and third, there is humanity. The spirit of time, a moment of reflection, the eternal struggle between horizontal and vertical facades in modern buildings can be turned into associative, abstracted geometric sculptures. Inquiry into lights and shadows in the mirror of modern art and architecture is achieved through an indirect observation of my sculpture. The dynamics within the sculpture are attained through playing with the directions of propagation of light and shadow. A visual survey of the unity of the entire sculpture is based on three dimensional problems without having to resort to creating an unsustainable illusion. The process of sculpting itself requires the development of and experimentation with the modern methodology of creating sculptures: from classic to contemporary, from traditional to modern.

Luka Radojevic is a modern sculptor from Serbia. He graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts 2010 in Belgrade, Serbia. He has already participated in three festivals and also three symposiums and presented one solo exhibition of his works at Bearane, Vukovic Gallery in 2011 in Montenegro.


Trinity, sculpture