LB°24 Participants

Lisa Jeannin / Rolf Schuurmans

Hocus Pocus, 2011, Lisa Jeannin/ Rolf Schuurmans. Photo: LAB11

Lisa Jeannin (b. 1972, Sweden) and Rolf Schuurmans (1972, Holland) are artist based in Hakebo, Sweden.

Lisa Jeannin and Rolf Schuurmans work consists out of drawings, sculptures, animations installations and sound. They fuse reality and art experience in a series of disconcerting imaginative modulations. All elements are equal. It's about animating. The animated characters perform as figures out of a fable. The daily life of a spider can be a metaphor for human existence. The animated universe is connected to sequences introducing real people or animals. Those become part of their mythology by for example acting in a homemade zombie film set in a deserted industrial area or transforming into an eight-armed goddess in space. The tortoises make special appearances as musician ghosts or humanitarian workers. Often there are films within the films. Several layers of presence characterize their pieces. They want to find that, which cannot be expressed with the language, that which is beyond our consciousness. Jeannin and Schuurmans often work with symbols as these allows you to cross borders into the unconscious mind and give the viewer a possibility to discover things they normally don't see or feel. In the cracks of reality, the hidden, the indescribable, is where the mystery happens.