LB°24 Participants

Eamon O'Kane

Tree Drawings, 2011, Eamon O'Kane. Photo: LAB11

Eamon O'Kane (b. 1974, Belfast) is an artist based in Bergen, Norway.

Eamon O'Kane has exhibited widely and is the recipient of many awards and scholarships. He is Professor of Visual Art at Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway. Eamon O'Kane is very interested in the materiality of the work and what that material presence invokes in the viewers experience. The performative aspects of the process is also very important and is subtlety encoded in all aspects of the work. He is interested in what gets left behind in the construction of various histories and also the things that are misinterpreted and misrepresented and the consequences of this in later generations. That is why he has chosen to show both the "product" of the process and the "waste" from the process. Equal emphasis is given to the wooden furniture and the off-cuts, or the wall drawing of the tree and the charcoal that falls into a pile on the floor. O'Kane's work is often highly personal and autobiographieal, intimate even - but also wideranging and eclectic. There are no loose ends in O'Kanes work, but many threads to follow.

Charcoal drawing and videos.