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Antti Tenetz

Rule of Three, Antti Tenetz. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Antti Tenetz (b. 1975, Finland), is an artist based in Finland.

The myth of the North is manmade. It is a story of man competing against nature, odds and faith. It is usually told as a story of men transforming wilderness, its habitat and resources, into profitable and fertile ground for development through the use of scientific and technological tools. I emphasize three places – Luleå, Rovaniemi and Severomorsk – through portraits of various generations of women. My aim is to expose their insight of place, technologies, happiness and challenges. Narrative interactive web-based artwork builds up through a series of universal questions, images, video and audio footage from locations and people. The approach opens up arctic perspectives and northern tecnospheres of individuals and their important places.

Antti Tenetz is a visual artist and naturalist. His artworks are at the crossroads of media-, bio- and urban arts with a strong current of interdisciplinary science/art approach. He often explores man’s relation to nature. The theme varies from Siberian bear cults to digital representations of animal sensory systems. In his artworks he fearlessly combines mediums and materials from different technological platforms with living nature.

Rule of Three, Antti Tenetz. Luleåbiennalen 2013.


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