LB°22 Program


Weaving circle

Process image, Sompansenvuoma 1 & 2, 2021, Ida Isak Westerberg

In the Luleå Biennial, textile artist Ida Isak Westerberg shows their works Sompasenvouma 1 & 2 (2021), which were co-created with a mire in Tornedalen. The works tell us about the making, the location and a multicolored identity. Together with Hemslöjdskonsulenten Region Norrbotten, the biennial offers three digital courses during the autumn, where the basics of weaving will be explored in a free and curious way. The courses will be held by Ida Isak Westerberg.

The course will focus on techniques such as plain weave, kilim, rya (thick cloth) and röllakan (flat weave). Regardless of previous experience, you will gain skills that you can develop on your own – both on and off the loom.

At the first session Westberg will be introducing plain weave, which means you will get the opportunity to learn frame warping, but also different plain weave techniques. After registration, you will receive the materials you need to participate in the course, however, you are more than welcome to use your own yarns, too.

Course fee: 200 SEK (includes 3 digital meetings, materials and shipping). Note that you can only register to take the entire course, not individual sessions. The course will take place digitally on the meeting platform Teams or Zoom. A meeting link will be sent out by email.

Materials: Frame and yarns as well as other materials will be sent by post shortly after the last day of registration. Materials can only be sent within Sweden.

Organized in collaboration with Hemslöjdskonsulenten Region Norrbotten and Älvsby Folkhögskola in collaboration with the Luleå Biennial and Ida Isak Westerberg.

  • WhatLearning Room
  • When08 Nov
  • Times18.30-20.30