LB°22 Program


Good luck with your car!

Still from Good luck with your car! with Claes Rocklin. Photo: Karl-Oskar Gustafsson

In collaboration with Region Norrbotten's Craft and Design Consultant, the Luleå Biennial 2022 – Craft & Art, highlights the widespread culture of car modification.

This craft concerns knowledge of both maintenance and technical restoration of cars. In the film Good luck with your car! you will meet Claes Rocklin from Boden, who restores a Stephenz car from 1924. In the film, he talks about the craftsmanship behind the restoration and how he saves a piece of car history from oblivion.

By drawing attention to this craft, we want to contribute to the discussion about this widespread craft that also includes the right to repair. Just like with many other products manufactured today we cannot, and in many cases are not allowed to, repair cars ourselves

Good luck with your car!

  • WhatLearning Room
  • When01 Dec
  • Times12.00-20.00