LB°22 Exhibitions


Galleri Syster, Luleå

The exhibition at Galleri Syster. Photo: Thomas Hämén

Through the biennial’s festival format, we have invited various organizations with their specific and situated knowledge to curate exhibitions at their own locations. Here the biennial has attempted to decentralize its normal operation to go to places where craft practices in-situ tell their own compelling stories.

Connected to Galleri Systers annual theme of ‘friendship in work’ we have invited several of our new biennial friends to create a display of projects and exhibitions that are taking place in other sites across Norrbotten. Through this exhibition the gallery becomes a new geography of friendships that we hope will continue beyond the biennial.

In cooperation with Jukkasjärvi kyrka, Sörbyn Sundsnäs hembygdsförening, Korpilombolo kulturförening