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Maria Alina Staicu

Voyeur, Maria Alina Staicu. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Maria Alina Staicu (b. 1982, Romania), is an artist based in Romania.

I grew up in southern Romania close to a Romani community. As a child I often spied from a distance and later, as an adult, I came in contact with the community to learn more about its customs and traditions. I don’t believe that art can solve problems, but I do believe that it can make visible things we refuse to see. In this project I try to challenge the general prejudices that the society of Romania has towards the Romani community. The piece is entitled Voyeur which means “hidden watcher” and represents watching guiltily and secretly, spying, violating a private space or activity but also the lack of interference.

Maria Alina Staicu was born in Târgu Cărbunești, a small town in southern Romania, but she now lives and works in Cluj-Napoca. Staicu searches for paradoxical and anachronistic situations. In her installations she puts together fragments of the world that surrounds her.

Voyeur, Maria Alina Staicu. Luleåbiennalen 2013.


Voyeur, installation