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The Silver Museum in Arjeplog contains seven permanent displays and the surgery of Einar Wallquist, the museum’s founder.

Across three floors, stories from life in the mountainous region are told, from the end of the last ice age until today. The museum’s crowning glory is the largest collection of Same silver in the world. In a way, the Silver Museum represents Arjeplog’s collective memory. The Luleå Biennial integrates a number of contemporary art works into the permanent exhibition, staging a fascinating encounter between these very different types of objects. On display are sculptural works by Santiago Mostyn and Erik Thörnqvist as well as a video piece by Christian Nyampeta. They engage with the ambivalent role of the museum as both the custodian of history tasked with the taxonomy of knowledge and experiences, and an institution grown out of a colonial logic, but also as a site for meaningful collective exchange.