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Medborgarhuset, Korpilombolo

The night festival started in 2005 and is a tribute to the night. Then, little Korpilombolo shines like a pearl in the polar night, while the night's thoughts develop through poetry, music, philosophy and art.

The festival is celebrated every year, 1–13 December, and is organised by the Korpilombolo Cultural Association, a non-profit association that aims to create an active cultural life in the local community. The Cultural Association houses its own cultural centre and, in addition to the night festival, runs a lunch restaurant, monthly art exhibitions and courses. It is an important local meeting place that also helps create a good living environment by, among other things, helping citizens mow their lawns and shovel snow. During the first days of the night festival, the Luleå biennial will participate with a unique night-performance.


Korpilombolo can be reached by car or bus via Länstrafiken Norrbotten: