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Jukkasjärvi kyrka

Jukkasjärvi kyrka (Jukkasjärvi church) is a timber-lined, red-colored building, with a free-standing bell tower. The church is built in a rare sample of a wooden buttress church type, a construction that is the only one preserved in the country and Jukkasjärvi church is the oldest church in the Lapland region.

The church was built in 1607-08 and completed in 1785. In terms of its artworks, the main claim to fame of Jukkasjärvi church is the altarpiece, a triptych by Bror Hjorth, which was donated to the church by LKAB to commemorate its 350th anniversary in 1958. During the festival weekend of the Luleå Biennial, however, the spotlight will be directed elsewhere. A piece of music will be performed on the church organ in acknowledgement of the organ’s artistic decorations, which were made by the Sami craftsman Lars Levi Sunna.

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