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Verdde is a nomadic art institution, initiated by Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten, aiming to strengthen the visibility of the Sami presence in Norrbotten. Since 2024 Verdde is permanently represented at the Luleå Biennial.

Verdde highlights how the Sami way of life is a continuous part of existence in Norrbotten and thus needs to be considered as a natural and recurring element in all local operations. Instead of working from a permanent site, Verdde moves between other organizations in the region, which entirely or partly lack in-house Sami competences, in order to add perspectives which are often overlooked in the planning of daily operations, and become a part of their public program. The goal is to mediate knowledge and provide experiences which can be included in their continued working method. Through site-specific projects and activities presenting audiences with a variety of artistic practices and expressions, Verdde aims to contribute to a larger collective consciousness about Sami practitioners and mediating Sami perspectives, knowledge and experiences.

Since 2024, Verdde is represented permanently in the Luleå Biennial through the artwork hálijdibme badjelándas / wishes from the highlands by artist Tilde-Ristin Kuoljok. This work will always be included and made visible as part of the Luleå Biennial across editions, as a reminder of Sami presence in Luleå and Norrbotten.

“The artwork is a wish and a reminder for Luleå from Badjelánnda. They are two sibling sites, directly linked through Julevädno (the Lule River). I feel like it’s been forgotten that Luleå are eastern winter pastures. The link that has existed between the places has been exchanged for an ore railway, which alters perspectives and places Luleå in the south.”

– Tilde-Ristin Kuoljok

Tilde-Ristin Kuoljok, hálijdibme badjelándas / wishes from the highlands, 2024. Installation view from Konsthallen Kulturens Hus, Luleå. The Luleå Biennial 2024. Photo: Simon Eliasson

The Luleå Biennial is proud to be the first collaboration partner of Verdde, and to be able to permanently involve Kuoljok’s artwork in the biennial’s framework. Verdde promotes long-term and sustainable development for Sami practitioners, the audiences in Norrbotten, and the regional institutions. The institution contributes to visibility for Sami culture and will hopefully spark new and productive conversations, understanding and exchange over kitchen tables, at the workplace, and in the offices of local policy makers.

Verdde is initiated in the Swedish parts of Sápmi, with Norrbotten as the point of departure. The institution is developed by Maria Ragnestam, Director of Konstfrämjandet Norrbotten, and is led in collaboration with Ellen B. Dalbakk / Rámavuol Elle Bigge.

Learn more about Verdde here.

Supported by The Postcode Foundation and Region Norrbotten.