LB°24 Participants

Kaija Kiuru

Birch Forest, Kaija Kiuru. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Kaija Kiuru (b. 1959, Finland), is an artist based in Finland.

Trees can be a symbol for all of nature, as they are in the work Birch Forest. This piece depicts man’s power over nature. I mainly work on topics arising from the changing interaction between man and the environment. I also address institutional and value related issues in most of my work. On one hand I am interested in the similarity of man and nature and on the other hand in man’s dominant role over nature. I present these similarities or oppositions with a variety of materials. Forests and trees are often the source of materials and ideas. I have used tree trunks, branches, roots, bark, gnarls, bracket fungi and needles.

The visual artist Kaija Kiuru lives and works in Aska village in Finnish Lapland. She is best known for her installations and environmental art. Her close relationship with nature in both childhood and youth, together with studies of environmental protection in the 1990s, created the ground on which Kiuru’s art is based even today.


Birch Forest, installation