LB°24 Participants

Jouko Alapartanen

Plan X Time of Beasts, Jouko Alapartanen. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Jouko Alapartanen (b. 1970, Finland), is an artist based in Finland.

How many beasts can live together . . .
. . . in the same area ?
How much space do we really need for living?
What is necessary for us?
What is necessary for animals?
Where is the border of greediness?
Who can answer?
. . . We are only beasts who can think.
Aren’t we?

Jouko Alapartanen lives and works in Ivalo in Finnish Lapland. He was born in Tornio and studied Fine Arts in Finland. He makes contemporary art using many different materials and media and also paints classical themes such as portraits and still-lifes. His artworks have been exhibited internationally in Europe and Russia.


Plan X Time of Beasts, Video, 5:9 min TV set, coffee table, sofa, carpet