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J Tobias Andersson

Look at these hands/A hand that speaks, J Tobias Andersson, 2013.

J Tobias Andersson (b. 1971, Sweden), is an artist based in Sweden.

Thematically my work moves between experimental ideas and narrative concepts, from strictly audiovisual problems to pieces that have more political or philosophical structures. Visually my works are generally based on old movies, mainly produced during the !$\"s, !$]"s and !$^"s, some of them classics and some more obscure. I cut and paste these until I am satisfied. I usually animate and create a completely new soundtrack with a new dialogue. I cut and paste, borrow and re-use, get inspired and rewrite, turn upside down and inside out. By doing this I remodel the material I use into a new shape with its own unique content.

J Tobias Anderson grew up on the Island of Gotland in Sweden. He lives and works in Stockholm. Working mainly with video and animation, Anderson has moved between narrative and non-narrative works. He has also experimented with different forms of music and sound installations.


Look at These Hands
A Hand that Speaks