LB°24 Participants


INTERPRT is a cross-disciplinary group who works to expose environmental destruction and associated human rights violations with ties to extractive industries.

INTERPRT is a non-governmental organisation based in Norway composed of architects, researchers, spatial designers, and developers. INTERPRT collaborates with international lawyers, civil society associations, journalists and scientists to produce evidence files, advocacy videos, online platforms, and exhibitions to fight impunity worldwide. The organisation pursues environmental justice through spatial and visual investigations to expose environmental destruction and associated human rights violations with extractive industries, land grabbing, nuclear weapons testing, and conflict.

Some of their collaborators include Forensic Architecture, International Lawyers for West Papua, Princeton Science and Global Security, Global Diligence, London Mining Network, Deep Sea Mining Campaign, Office for Contemporary Art, NO, Centre for Contemporary Art, SG, Biennale Warszawa, PL, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, PL, and Arts Catalyst, UK.

In the framework of Luleåbiennalen 2024, INTERPRT will be represented by:

Nabil Ahmed (b. 1978, Dhaka, Bangladesh) founder and co-director of INTERPRT. Ahmed is professor at The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, in the faculty of Architecture and Design at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NO, where he leads the Norwegian Research Council funded project “Climate Rights: Designing Visual Evidence for Climate Cases,” and is also on the advisory board of Stop Ecocide International.

Olga Lucko (b. 1985, Riga, Latvia), architect and co-director of INTERPRT. Lucko develops innovative visual and spatial methodologies and is technical lead for INTERPRT’s investigations that interrogates the aesthetic, political and legal challenges posed by environmental destruction that occur over spatial and temporal scales. She holds a degree in architecture from the School of Architecture at London Metropolitan University, UK.

INTERPRT also includes Esther Breslin, Filip Wesolowski, Tiago Patatas and Prerna Bishnoi.