LB°24 Participants

Eveliina Sarapää

Eveliina Sarapää (b. 1976, Oulu, Finland), is an architect with Sámi roots in Ohcejohka, who lives and works in Helsinki.

Sarapää specializes in demanding renovations and conversions of buildings, wooden architecture and Sámi architecture. Her aim is to ignite wider conversation about Sámi architecture in Finland through her work and to draw attention to the decolonization of architecture drawing from Sámi architecture epistemologies.

Sarapää studied architecture in the Technical University of Helsinki, Department of Architecture, and in the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. She founded the Sarapää Oroza Hartiala Architects (SOHA) in 2020, which strives to act against demolishing buildings, exploring how they can be used and/or repurposed. SOHA’s work includes calling for renovations and transformations of existing and protected buildings, and careful addition of new buildings into existing city structures.