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David Molander

City heart (Slussen), David Molander. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

David Molander (b. 1983, Sweden), is an artist based in Sweden.

In his essay Center of the World, the Swedish author Stefan Jonsson asks if it is possible to discern a centre in the globalized metropolis, exemplified by Los Angeles. After many attempts, he concludes: I have begun to realise that the centre must be a parking lot in front of a high-rise building or the freeway on which I am driving, if it exists at all. Like Stefan Jonsson, I am in pursuit of the elusive essence of the urban environment. With the use of digital photography, I collect documentary material that I dissect and reconstruct into large images that stand between document and fiction. The method enables me to put an emphasis on new relationships between architecture, the social environment and the humans within it. My fascination lies in the complexity of the city-scape and the importance of understanding it. The work City Heart is a huge urban landscape made from hundreds of photos from the worn down architecture of Slussen in Stockholm.

David Molander has studied photography at the University of Gothenburg and at Harvard University. He has exhibited widely in Sweden and abroad. Among numerous awards, he received the Hasselblad Foundations Victor Award 2011. He is represented in Stockholm by the Cecilia Hillström Gallery.


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