LB°24 Participants

Christine Candolin

!WATER! / 2014, Christine Caldolin. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Christine Candolin (b. 1953, Finland), is an artist based in Finland.

Access to water is not just a vital necessity for all life on earth but also a human right. With this work, I want to call attention to questions about what happens when people’s basic needs for water for survival are exploited commercially. Among other things, it deals with the threatening global water war between multinational water corporations and private individuals. That is, when private companies are allowed to make profits from basic human needs.

Since the 1980s Christine Candolin has worked with spatial art. She describes her allegorical installations as reflections on a personal journey of discovery within philosophy, developmental psychology, brain research and the natural sciences. Candolin is deeply involved in societal and cultural issues.


!WATER! / 2014, installation.