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Brian Flynn

Unapproved Roads, Brian Flynn. Luleåbiennalen 2013.

Brian Flynn (b. 1964, Ireland), is an artist based in Canada.

I have recently spent time documenting Fork Hill – the village where my family is from and still lives. A border town, Fork Hill was the most occupied town in Northern Ireland’s history. As of 31 July 2007, the British military finally completely pulled out of the area. My interest in this area’s history focuses on the role of protest, identity and place in the context of conflict. I have interviewed former IRA members regarding their activities, particularly in relation to my grandfather’s house. His house was used in the 1970s as a staging point for IRA manoeuvres against the British army posted in the area. The ambush on the British army made from my grandparents’ house, occurred as they attempted to spike the road beside it. Many smaller cross-border roads were cratered or blockaded with the intention of preventing access at unauthorised border crossings.

Brian Flynn has received master’s degrees in Fine Arts from universities in both Ireland and Canada. As a child, he spent many summers at his grandparents’ house in Northern Ireland. His experiences in the house and his family’s political involvement in Northern Ireland has greatly inspired and informed his work. He has participated in many notable exhibitions in the USA, Canada and Europe.


Unapproved Roads, installation